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Malaria: Targets and Drugs for All Stages

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Drug research in malaria often focuses on blood stage parasites because they are responsible for the symptoms of the disease and are easier to manipulate in the laboratory.This collection describes multiple parasite and host processes engaged in infection in blood, the blocking of which could stop human illness. However, control and eradication of malaria will also require the development of drugs against stages responsible for mosquito transmission and those that remain latent in the liver, also summarized in the collection. Although these selected papers represent significant research at the highest levels, they are only a fraction of the malaria drug discovery literature. The collection highlights PLOS authors’ contribution to basic drug discovery research.

Image Credit: Image Credit: Delves M, Plouffe D, Scheurer C, Meister S, et al.

Introductory Articles
Targeting the parasite: Blood Stages - Invasion
Targeting the parasite: Blood Stages - Growth/replication within infected erythrocyte
Targeting the parasite: Blood Stages - Sexual stages
Targeting the parasite: All blood (asexual and sexual) stages
Targeting the parasite: Liver Stages
Targeting the parasite: Insect Stage
Targeting the host: Human/Mammal
Targeting the host: Vector
Targeting the parasite: Coinfections
Testing Implementation and Outcomes Studies in Human Populations: Control/treatment
Testing Implementation and Outcomes Studies in Human Populations: Epidemiology
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